A graduate of the Special School of Architecture in Paris, Inaki NOBLIA is installed as an architect in the Basque Country since 2009. He relies to date, on an experience of more than 140 projects built.

Its realizations are mainly oriented in the habitat, on new projects and in renovation, as well as tailor-made wooden interior fittings, in design realization.

Around an efficient team, the agency has developed an in-depth knowledge of the wood material, which it handles with great ease and daring. The experience and evolution of architectural design, leads to raise new questions and very often to open innovative perspectives in terms of structure, materials and ecology.
In particular, the architecture agency is particularly attentive to leading projects towards the best environmental compromise.
Currently, 6 people make up the agency, Inaki NOBLIA architect and Gillen CHILIBOLOST, Gauthier DESMARTIS, Laurent PICHERIT, Vincent RIVALS et Mathieu LHUILIER collaborators.